4 Ways Cryotherapy Accelerates Healing for Athletes


Cryotherapy Accelerates Healing for Athletes

Athletes can suffer a broad range of injuries throughout their careers including sprains, strains, ACL tears, rotator cuff damage, and more. At the extreme end of the spectrum, an injury might require surgery and can potentially end a career if not treated properly. On the other hand, minor injuries happen all the time and might keep an athlete off the practice field for a few weeks or months.

Regardless of the extent of the injury, the top priority is always to get the athlete back in the game as quickly as possible without risking further damage or re-injury. This goal can be achieved through a number of approaches including rest, physical therapy, medication, and others. No matter what the treatment protocol, one way to ensure that the injury heals as fast as possible is by using cryotherapy systems.

4 Ways Cryotherapy Systems Accelerate Healing

The benefits of cold therapy are not new to athletic trainers, but new cryotherapy systems with active compression can make the healing process go even faster. This is good news for the medical professionals that regularly work in the sports industry, and great news for the athletes who want to get back in the game.

Cryotherapy systems with active compression help accelerate healing in the following ways:

  1. Better cold delivery - Traditional ice packs draw heat away from the body. Although this is the objective, the unintended consequence is that the ice pack gets warmer, and therefore less effective, over time. Cryotherapy systems use patented technology to continually circulate cold water through a wrap that surrounds the injured area. This means that heat is constantly drawn away from the injury, but the temperature of the cold delivery mechanism never changes.

  2. Less metabolic activity - The application of cold reduces the metabolism of cells, which means that damaged tissues have a better chance to repair themselves.

  3. Better blood flow - Cryotherapy systems that use active compression help promote lymphatic drainage and promote better blood flow. This means that more freshly oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood is delivered to the damaged areas to promote faster healing.

  4. Long-lasting benefits - All of the above effects, in combination with cold that penetrates deeper than it can with traditional ice packs, provide therapeutic benefits that last longer than traditional cold therapy application methods.

Athletic trainers and clinics that treat athletes need to stay on the cutting edge of injury treatment if they want to stay competitive. Adding new technologies like Game Ready can help athletes heal faster, which means they are back on their feet and back in the game more quickly. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get Game Ready in your clinic or athletic department today.

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