Help Your Patients Treat a Back-Muscle Strain Effectively


patients treat back muscle strain.jpgMany patients find it frustrating when healthcare providers offer seemingly simple advice, even when it is the appropriate treatment path. For example, a patient with a minor back-muscle strain would benefit from rest, compression, and cold therapy. While the injury might warrant pain medication depending on how severe it is, this is not always the best solution for every patient, and many doctors prefer to prescribe pain medications sparingly. 

Fortunately, there is a prescription you can offer that has no side effects and is proven to help accelerate the healing process. Cold therapy systems are medical devices that can be used at home or in a clinical setting to apply consistent therapeutic cold and active compression.

Apply Consistent Therapeutic Cold

Cold therapy systems have an ice reservoir that cools flowing water to a consistent therapeutic temperature. The water circulates through a patented wrap that encloses the entire lower-torso area so that the cold can penetrate from every angle to reach all of the strained back muscles. This deeper-penetrating cold is proven to last longer than cold from a traditional ice pack, so patients feel greater benefits from every session.

Use Active Compression

The patented wraps have an additional chamber that pumps air at regular intervals to mimic the body’s own pumping action. This pumping helps the body remove edema and prevent excess swelling. Active compression also stimulates the flow of blood and other fluids, so cellular waste products are removed from the injured area while freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients are brought in to promote healing.

Improve Patient Compliance

Of course, all of the advice you provide for a back-muscle strain—rest, cold therapy, compression, OTC pain medication, etc.—is still valid. However, by writing a prescription for a medical device, patients are more likely to adhere to their treatment regimen. Having an easy-to-use system with clear instructions for frequency of use makes it easier for patients to administer treatment at home. The wraps are adjustable to every body type, so all the patient has to do is fill the ice reservoir, enter the recommended settings into the system, put the wrap on, start the treatment, and sit comfortably while the system delivers cold therapy and active compression.

Applying ice packs to a back injury is uncomfortable and inconvenient for patients, which is why they are less likely to do it as often as you suggest. Ice baths are also an option for treating back-muscle strain, but few patients care for this type of treatment. On the other hand, prescribing a medical device along with use recommendations offers a clear treatment path that ultimately delivers better results.

If you would like to learn more about Game Ready and how it can help you treat back-muscle-strain patients more effectively, contact us today. You can purchase Game Ready systems for use in your practice or offer rental options for patients to use the system at home. Next time you have a patient with a back-muscle strain, you’ll be able to offer more than just good advice. You will be able to provide a prescription for a safe, drug-free pain treatment that will also help speed up your patient’s recovery process.     

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