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Free eBook: How to Recover Faster from the Most Common Football Injuries

most common football injuries ebook coverInjuries are an inevitable risk in athletics, and football is no exception. Football has almost twice as many injuries as other sports, with more than 500,000 high school and college football injuries treated each year. This spike in injuries makes the tainers of football teams an extremely valuable asset.

Both players and coaches depend on trainers to reduce the impacts of injuries and keep the team in top shape. The right resources and tools are essential for ensuring players back on the field as quickly as possible. Being prepared for the most common football injuries and having the best possible treatment options will help keep all the players on the field and in optimal performance condition. 

From this ebook, you will gain: 

  • Information about the five most common football injuries and how to treat them
  • Steps for accerlerating injury recovery with tips from top athletic trainers and physical therapists
  • Information on how to leverage insurance programs making recovery quick and cost effective
  • Knowledge about how cold compression therapy can help football injury recovery

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