cold compression helps workout recoveryTriathletes, cross-fit competitors, trainers, professional boxers, NFL players and marathon runners swear by it. So do people who are into fitness and demanding workouts.  It helps committed athletes recover faster so they keep training and keep improving their performance. If you’re also seeking a faster workout recovery, you should check out this system that delivers active cold and compression therapy to sore muscles and joints.

Cold and compression therapy: a quick history

Cold and compression therapies are widely used for musculoskeletal injuries, following orthopedic surgery, or after an intense workout to speed recovery. These treatments help reduce pain and swelling and can speed healing.

Traditional cold therapy relied on inconvenient and messy ice packs or buckets. This kind of cold therapy has to be used with great caution because soft tissue ice burns have occurred; that’s because there’s no way to set the lower temperature limit. Traditional compression therapy is simply a fabric wrap that applies fixed pressure to the site. These wraps, too, are inconvenient, often coming loose and requiring frequent rewrapping. Patients get frustrated and don’t stay with these cold and compression methods. Non-compliance means a slower recovery and greater pain.

New technology improves recovery

Fortunately, an innovative technology known as ACCEL™ was developed that combines active compression and rapidly circulating cold therapy to go farther than passive systems do to treat symptoms of pain and swelling. Studies have shown that applying active cold and compression results in improved pain relief, less swelling, faster healing, and a quicker return to work and athletic activities.

The system includes a microprocessor control unit to deliver cold and compression therapy. There are adjustable time settings for each type of therapy, and an adjustable set-point cold to improve patient safety and comfort. It also includes six program modes for ease of use. It’s portable, which enables on-the-go treatment for athletes who may be out on the road or away from home at a competitive event.

Workout recovery advantages

For the high-level athlete, a quick recovery from an intense workout is important so that there’s minimal downtime while sore muscles recover and swelling goes down. Faster recovery means more time to train, which improves overall performance. That’s why so many elite athletes in so many different sports use this system as a daily part of their training program.

Consider these testimonials:

·    “Over the last year, icing and compression have become a key part of my daily training and recovery process. Without proper recovery between and after each session, the ability to perform day-in-day-out, week-in-week-out becomes compromised. It provides exactly what my body needs – icing and compression in one – and has been instrumental in helping me get as much as I can out of my body. As an elite triathlete, I train six to nine hours per day. I use this system once or twice a day and it helps my legs recover by reducing the pain and swelling.” Sarah Piampiano, Professional Triathlete, Ironman Competitor

·    “I know the System works well, because every time I apply it to one of our Special Warfare Operators, I can consistently – and most importantly – objectively measure a one half centimeter reduction in post-exercise edema response. I highly recommend it to anyone working with athletes who need to get back into action as quickly as possible.” Chris Spalding, Director of Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, US Navy SWCC/SEALS, Naval Special Warfare Group THREE

When you’re looking for a faster workout recovery, look for the system that top athletes use. What’s your sport of choice?

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