cold compression therapyMost people know that RICE is a common prescription to treat injuries. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are proven to facilitate the healing process after a musculoskeletal injury. All of these components are essential for tissue repair and injury recovery, and some of them can be enhanced to make the recovery process even faster.

Rest and elevation are two factors that cannot be improved, but with advanced technology, cold and compression can be. Cold therapy can be improved with technology that enables constant, consistent cooling to the injured site. Compression therapy can be enhanced with active, pneumatic pressure that creates a pumping effect at the injury site to provide several health benefits.

Five Ways Compression Therapy Accelerates Injury Recovery

The pumping effect that mimics the body's natural muscular movements provides the following injury recovery benefits:
  1. Less swelling - Inflammation and swelling are not only uncomfortable, they can also inhibit the healing process. Compression therapy is proven to help reduce swelling, especially in combination with cold therapy.


  2. Less edema - Excess fluid buildup can also slow down the healing process and inhibit range of motion if the injury is at or near a joint. Compression combined with elevation can help reduce this excess fluid in the body.
  3. More nutrients - Active compression helps stimulate the flow of lymph fluid, which carries vital nutrients, to the damaged tissues surrounding the injury. Lymph fluid is also important for removing waste from cells and body tissues, an important function during the tissue regeneration process.
  4. More oxygen - Injured tissue requires oxygen for it to repair itself. However, swelling can inhibit the flow of blood to an injury, slowing down the healing process. Active compression helps improve blood flow, thereby enhancing the delivery of oxygen to damaged tissue.
  5. Faster tissue repair - The combination of reduced swelling and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injury site enables more rapid tissue repair and an overall faster healing process.

If you are recovering from an injury, reduce your recovery time with active cold and compression therapy. Compression wraps designed specifically for each body part ensure that the entire surface area receives the same pressure and temperature, making active cold and compression therapy more effective than ice water therapy and compression bandages alone.

Game Ready's cold compression therapy wraps are designed to provide consistent cold temperatures with simultaneous active compression. This combinations takes RICE to a new level so you can recover faster and get back to your life more quickly. Contact us today to learn more about renting or purchasing your own Game Ready system.

How quickly did you recover from your last injury? Would you like your next recovery to be faster?

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