how to treat a pulled back muscle at home

Almost everybody experiences a pulled back muscle at least once in their life. Perhaps you lifted an object that was too heavy, twisted too quickly, or had a nasty fall that strained your back. No matter what caused it, a pulled back muscle is both painful and disruptive to your lifestyle. Healing as quickly as possible is a priority for getting back to normal life and being pain-free.

A pulled back muscle is a strain that causes damage to the muscle fibers because they are either over-stretched or torn. Some of the symptoms you might experience include:

  • Pain to the touch
  • Localized pain in the back
  • Muscle spasms
  • Difficulty standing or walking

A diagnosis from a doctor is recommended, but if you are subject to frequent back pain you may be able to treat the symptoms at home.

Treating a Pulled Back Muscle at Home

A muscle strain will usually heal on its own over time, but there are certain steps you can take to accelerate the healing process and go through it more comfortably:

  • Medication - The onset of pain can be quite sudden with a pulled muscle. To alleviate the initial discomfort, many people take over-the-counter medications to reduce both pain and inflammation.
  • Massage - Increasing blood flow to damaged tissues helps aid in the recovery process. Massage can also loosen tight muscles and reduce pain.
  • Active compression - Another way to improve blood flow is with active compression that mimics the body's natural pumping action. Active compression also helps remove the cellular waste that is produced during the healing process.
  • Cold therapy - Ice packs are traditionally used to help reduce inflammation. Although this is effective, using a cold and compression therapy system provides better coverage and guarantees that the therapeutic cold stays at a constant, safe temperature.
  • Heat therapy - The application of heat also helps stimulate blood flow for faster healing.
  • Back exercises - Because it is so painful, many people want to avoid all activity after suffering a pulled back muscle. Although this might seem like a good idea, too much inactivity can result in muscle atrophy, which will contribute to re-injury in the future. Performing gentle core-stabilizing exercises can help strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and reduce the likelihood of another muscle strain.

If you are recovering from a pulled back muscle at home, look for a Game Ready provider near you and ask about renting a cold and compression therapy system. You can use the C-T Spine Wrap, the Back Wrap, or both to get the best possible coverage for your injury. The combination of cold and compression ensures deep, long-lasting therapeutic cold while simultaneously increasing blood flow for faster healing. Contact us today to learn more about renting Game Ready for your recovery.