how to treat a pulled back muscle to get back in the game faster

A pulled back muscle can happen to anybody, but whether you are a hobby gardener or a professional athlete, you need to recover as fast as possible so you can get back in the game.

Although the lower back is the most common site for a pulled muscle, it can occur anywhere along the spine from the lumbar region all the way up to the neck. Regardless of where it is located, most pulled back muscles result in pain, limited range of motion, and sometimes tingling or numbness in limbs. The combination of all of these undesirable side effects makes it difficult or impossible to play sports or even perform certain daily activities until you are fully recovered.

How to Treat a Pulled Back Muscle

The treatment approach to a pulled back muscle has not changed a lot over time, but fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to recover more quickly. Use the following tips to accelerate healing:

  • Rest - In the first few days after you have pulled a back muscle, getting ample rest is often not too difficult because it is painful to move. As the pain subsides, remember that you must continue to rest the affected muscles so they can fully repair themselves without re-injury.

  • Ice - Cold packs and ice baths are the most common ways of applying cold to a pulled back muscle. Ice baths have obvious drawbacks and cold packs can only cover a limited area around the injury. However, new cold compression wraps enclose the entire torso and allow therapeutic cold to penetrate deeply into all of the injured tissues for a longer-lasting benefit.

  • Compression - Back injuries are notoriously difficult to treat with compression, especially if you are on your own because wrapping a compression bandage around your torso is typically impossible to do by yourself. Cold and compression wraps are fully adjustable to any body size and shape and it is usually possible to put it on yourself, even with a pulled back muscle.

  • Movement - Although getting sufficient rest is critical for injury recovery, it is also important to introduce appropriate movement at the right time so you can rebuild muscle strength, regain flexibility, and improve range of motion. Work with a physical therapist or trainer to learn the best exercises to recover from your particular injury.

If you have pulled a back muscle and want to get back in the game as fast as possible, ask your doctor or trainer about Game Ready. Our new C-T Spine Wrap and existing Back Wrap allow you to treat pulled back muscles anywhere along the spinal column safely, comfortably, and effectively.