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With highly intense activity and a lot of physical impact, athletes incur more injuries than the general public. Most athletic programs are prepared for this with a broad range of treatment options including first aid solutions such as ice packs and compression wraps. Many programs also take a pro-active approach to injury prevention with post-practice cold application and physical therapy.

Adding a cryotherapy machine to the injury treatment and prevention strategy is a good move for any athletic program that is committed to injury treatment and prevention.

Why Athletic Programs Should Use Cryotherapy Machines

Some of the reasons athletic programs benefit from investing in cryotherapy machines include:

  1. Fewer injuries - The key to fewer athletic injuries is prevention. Using a cryotherapy machine after games and intense practices will help reduce inflammation and protect muscles and connective tissues from injury.

  2. Faster injury recovery - When injuries do happen, you want to get players back on the field as fast as possible without risking re-injury. Cryotherapy machines are proven to deliver faster recovery times than ice packs alone.

  3. Portable treatment - Cryotherapy machines can be used on the field, rinkside, in the medical center, or virtually anywhere. Bring your system to games so you can quickly treat injuries that occur or help athletes recover more quickly immediately after the game.

  4. Safer cold therapy system - Unlike ice baths or cold packs, some cryotherapy machines allow you to control the temperature to prevent skin damage or other tissues associated with too much cold. You can also set a timer for treatment sessions and control the pressure of the active compression system.

  5. More effective treatment - The ability to simultaneously deliver consistent cold with active compression enhances all of the benefits of cold therapy. Specialized wraps are designed to enclose the entire injured area to help deliver cold from every angle, not just from a single ice pack.

  6. Better patient compliance - Every athlete is familiar with RICE - rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Unfortunately, not all athletes take the time to participate fully in their injury recovery program. Holding an ice pack on your knee several times a day is a simple task, but that doesn't mean a college football player is going to do it. A cryotherapy machine does all the work for them. All they have to do is put on the wrap, push a few buttons, and sit back during the treatment session. The easier it is for athletes to apply cold and compression, the more likely they are to comply.

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of purchasing a Game Ready cryotherapy and compression machine for your athletic program, contact us today.

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