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Successfully recovering from knee surgery requires a combination of wound care, compression, physical therapy, and pain mitigation. Almost all of these components can be enhanced with the help of cryo-compression treatment.

As a medical care provider, you have the opportunity to help patients make their recovery as smooth and fast as possible. In addition to clear instructions about what they can expect throughout the recuperation process, you can also suggest cryo-compression as a method for reducing pain, controlling swelling, and accelerating healing.

Cryo-Compression Treatment After Knee Surgery

Whether patients utilize a cryo-compression system in the hospital, at the physical therapy clinic, or in their home, they can benefit from this treatment throughout every step of the way during knee surgery recovery:

  • Immediately post-operative - Compression stockings are commonly used after surgery to help prevent blood clots. Intermittent compression provides the same benefits by enhancing the flow of blood and other fluids. The addition of cold therapy also helps reduce the swelling that occurs immediately after surgery, which ultimately leads to a faster recovery.

  • Days after surgery - One of the steps that most physical therapists take after knee surgery is to teach patients how to pump their ankles to encourage blood flow. Although this is still a valid practice, the addition of cryo-compression treatment can help ensure that the pumping occurs

  • Wound care - Cryo-compression helps with healing not just of the deeper tissues that were affected by the surgery, but also of the incision sites on the surface. Therapeutic cold slows down cellular metabolism, which helps reduce cell death and secondary tissue damage, contributing to faster healing and less chance of infection.

  • Pain control - Many patients find that they can reduce or entirely eliminate the use of pain medication with the use of cryotherapy treatment. They benefit from fewer prescription expenses and reduced risk of addiction. Patients also have a better sense of how their recovery is going and just how much activity they can safely handle when sensations are not dulled by pain medications.

Cyrotherapy and Compression systems are simple enough for patients to use on their own, employed in the hospital after surgery, or in a physical therapy clinic. Regardless of where the treatment is received, the combination of active compression and cold therapy is proven to help speed up the healing process so patients can get back to regular activity more quickly after knee surgery. To learn more about Game Ready's innovative cryotherapy and compression system, contact us today.

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