Top 5 Cryotherapy and Compression Benefits for Post Operative Patient Care

Some surgeries are scheduled to relieve recurring problems or lingering sports injuries, while others are in response to acute trauma. Regardless of the reason for surgery, the post-operative recovery process is generally similar because the body responds with inflammation.

One of the classic treatments for inflammation is cryotherapy and compression.

Benefits of Cryotherapy and Compression Treatment After Surgery

The application of therapeutic cold works by cooling down body tissue and slowing cellular metabolism, which reduces secondary tissue damage and also contributes to less swelling.

Some of the benefits of employing cryotherapy and compression for post-operative care include:

  1. Less pain medication - Unfortunately, pain is a natural part of the inflammatory response that occurs after surgery. Although you might need some medication immediately after surgery, cryotherapy can help you minimize the amount required by naturally reducing pain. Less pain medication allows you to appropriately respond to your healing progress because you can better feel when you approach your activity limit.
  2. Faster wound healing - The incisions from surgery heal faster with the application of therapeutic cold. Faster wound healing means lower risk of infection and less scarring.
  3. Less risk of post-operative complications - Cryotherapy and compression help reduce edema, swelling, and muscle spasms, which can contribute to post-operative complications such as blood clots, immobility, and sudden movements that can impact tissue repair.
  4. Less time in the hospital - Nobody wants to stay in the hospital longer than absolutely necessary. Cryotherapy and active compression have been shown to reduce the amount of time required in the hospital after surgery.
  5. Faster recovery - All of the above benefits combine to contribute to an overall faster recovery after virtually every type of surgery.

By simultaneously pumping cold water and actively compressing the area of the body enclosed by a specialized wrap, Game Ready cryo-compression provides the post-operative care you need in one system.

If you are planning to have surgery or are currently recovering from an operation, consider including Game Ready as part of your post-operative recovery. You can rent a system to use at home, or find a provider near you to include intermittent pneumatic compression and cryotherapy in your recovery plan.

As a safe, easy-to-apply treatment that can help you return to normal activity more quickly, why wouldn't you try cryotherapy and compression for post-operative recovery?