4 Options Your Patients Have to Cover Cryotherapy Treatment Cost

By Game Ready | Jul 23, 2015

If you are an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist who recommends cryotherapy treatment as part of a comprehensive recovery plan, you probably know the challenges your patients face when determining how to pay for it. Whether they are being treated in the hospital, a physical therapy clinic, or in their own home, insurance doesn’t always cover the cost of cryotherapy treatment. Being armed with some information about other alternatives can help you better navigate the various payment options with your patients.

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Why Cold Compression Therapy Improves Workout Recovery

By Kelly Hansen | Mar 04, 2013

Triathletes, cross-fit competitors, trainers, professional boxers, NFL players and marathon runners swear by it. So do people who are into fitness and demanding workouts.  It helps committed athletes recover faster so they keep training and keep improving their performance. If you’re also seeking a faster workout recovery, you should check out this system that delivers active cold and compression therapy to sore muscles and joints.

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What to Look for in Professional Cold Compression Wraps

By Kelly Hansen | Jan 03, 2013

After you suffered a musculoskeletal injury or undergone orthopedic surgery, you were probably told to use some sort of wrap to surround the affected area and deliver cold and compression treatment. You can find a whole variety of choices on the internet or the shelves of your local drugstore; but how do you know what kind of wrap is your best option?

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