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When doctors and patients seek physical therapy clinics for injury rehabilitation, they take a number of factors into consideration. In addition to practical matters, like location and insurance, they also want to know whether a clinic uses the latest technology and techniques. In fact, they often look for specific equipment that they know and trust.

One of the treatments that is commonly used in almost every type of injury recovery is cryotherapy. This traditionally takes the form of cold packs or ice baths, but modern technology has finally offered a better way with patented technology t that keeps patients both safe and dry while delivering effective cold and compression therapy

Active compression and cold systems provide uniform cooling and give you control of the time, temperature and pressure settings. They also provide more coverage than ice packs, so the cold is able to penetrate deeper and last longer. Simultaneous active compression further enhances the therapeutic benefits of cold and removes edema at the same time. These are all great benefits for the patient, but what does that mean for your clinic?

Why Cryotherapy Treatment Adds Value to Your Clinic

Combining cryotherapy with active compression gives doctors and patients several reasons to select your clinic over the competition:

  • Less medication - The application of therapeutic cold helps reduce pain. With a cryotherapy machine, this effect lasts longer and many patients find that they need little or no pain medication. Doctors like this benefit because their patients can be weaned off of medication more quickly, and patients appreciate the cost savings.

  • Less risk - Traditional cold therapies can potentially cause skin damage if the temperature is too low. Cryotherapy machines give you complete control so you don't have worry about negative side effects.

  • More comfortable - Nobody likes to sit in an ice bath, even if it will help them recover more quickly. With cryotherapy machines, patients don't have to deal with that discomfort. Instead, they can sit comfortably while an adjustable wrap encloses the injured area and applies consistent compression and cold.

  • More effective - The combination of active compression and cold has been proven to be more effective than traditional ice packs. If you can demonstrate to doctors and patients that your physical therapy clinic can help increase recovery times, you'll get more referrals.

  • More efficient - A cryotherapy system allows you to treat two patients at once, so you can maximize your time and equipment.

Game Ready is increasingly becoming a known brand among all medical professionals. Increase referrals to your clinic by offering Game Ready, and give yourself a competitive edge when patients are researching their options. If you're ready to take your physical therapy clinic to the next level in injury rehabilitation, contact us today to get started.

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