5 Things to Avoid When Recovering from a Head Injury

By Game Ready | Apr 06, 2016

Recovering from a minor head injury after a sports impact or accident requires time and patience. There is no immediate cure for a minor head injury; you simply have to wait. However, you can be proactive in your recovery by avoiding certain activities and doing others that support the healing process.

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Ice vs. Heat: Which is More Effective for a Forehead Bump?

By Game Ready | Feb 03, 2016

A forehead bump, medically termed a hematoma but also known as a “goose egg,” is a common injury among children and adults alike. It’s so common that most people do not feel the need to go to the doctor, but are comfortable administering home treatment instead. This is appropriate when symptoms do not include nausea, vomiting, or disorientation. The question is, which home treatment is better: ice or heat?

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5 Tips for Recovering from a Minor Head Injury

By Game Ready | Jan 26, 2016

When you bump your head and incur a minor head injury, you are likely to experience some pain and swelling in the area. In some cases, you might develop a “goose egg” that is sensitive to the touch. Relieving this pain and reducing swelling should be a priority so that you can be more comfortable and recover from the injury more quickly.

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Hands-Free Treatments for Head Pain and Injury

By Game Ready | Jan 21, 2016

Minor head injuries are not uncommon for both athletes and non-athletes. Most people at one point or another have experienced a bump on the head that has caused pain. In many cases, a minor head injury can be treated at home, but it is always wise to consult a physician if there is concern about a more severe injury.   

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