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How to Treat a Pulled Back Muscle in 8 Steps

By Game Ready | Mar 28, 2024

A pulled back muscle can begin as a sudden, sharp pain when lifting or bending. The pain can also increase gradually, getting worse as the days go by. It’s a common injury, but there’s little comfort in that fact—especially if it stops you from doing the things you enjoy.

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Sympathy for the Ankle: 5 Home Treatments for a Sprain

By Game Ready | Jan 22, 2020

Pleased to meet you … guess you’ve got a sprain.

If it helps, you’re probably not alone. About two million people in the U.S. sprain an ankle every year. And although exercising regularly is good for your health, it also puts you at higher risk for an ankle sprain. In fact, it’s one of the most common injuries among people who play sports, and the most common injury for college athletes.i

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