What Helps A Sprained Ankle Heal Faster?

By Game Ready | Aug 29, 2018

Almost everybody has sprained an ankle at one point or another, and athletes are especially familiar with this common injury. Understanding why it happens, and how to help prevent and treat a sprained ankle can help you avoid this type of injury and manage it better when it does happen.

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5 Things Your Patients Want to Know About Sprained Ankle Treatment

By Game Ready | Jan 16, 2018
Many patients choose to  treat a sprained ankle on their own at home, but when they come to you, it’s often because they want a professional diagnosis or they have questions. When a patient is unsure whether they have broken a bone or just a sprained ligament, it’s common to seek medical attention. After confirming it’s a sprain, they often have questions.   Read More >

Carli Lloyd Recounts Her Recovery Experience with Game Ready After Ankle Injury

By Carli Lloyd | Dec 07, 2017

About Carli Lloyd:

Carli Lloyd is an American soccer player and two-time Olympic gold medalist. She was named FIFA’s Player of the Year in 2015 and 2016, and is also a FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion. She currently plays for the U.S. Women's National team and Houston Dash.

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FAQ After Ankle Surgery Recovery

By Game Ready | Mar 29, 2017

Whether you have just had ankle surgery or have a procedure scheduled, you probably have some questions about the recovery process.

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4 Ways to Accelerate Recovery after Ankle Surgery

By Game Ready | Jul 13, 2016

Ankle surgery recovery takes time, typically 6-12 weeks depending on the type of surgery and the severity of the injury. Although you can’t avoid a certain amount of time for ankle surgery recovery, there are steps you can take to help accelerate the healing process.

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How to Stay Healthy During Recovery from Ankle Surgery

By Game Ready | Jun 29, 2016

If you need ankle surgery to repair a fractured bone or torn ligament, you will have to stay off your feet for awhile. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to stay healthy during recovery from ankle surgery. Taking a proactive approach to your recovery can help speed up the healing process and ensure that you are ready to return to normal activity immediately after your ankle has fully healed.

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3 Proven Cold Water Therapy Techniques to Reduce Knee Swelling

By Game Ready | Aug 26, 2014

The muscles and joints in your lower extremities are important for daily living, but many people take this for granted until they experience pain or swelling. A swollen knee is not only uncomfortable, it can also prevent you from going up and down stairs and limit your desire or ability to walk. This can be very disruptive to daily life and should be addressed as soon as possible to help prevent further damage and allow you to quickly get back to normal. Knee swelling can be caused by a range of factors including:

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4 Tips for How to Heal Faster After ACL Surgery

By Game Ready | Jul 28, 2014

A torn ACL is a painful and inconvenient injury, especially for athletes. Fortunately, ACL surgery makes it possible to repair the damaged tissue, usually with a graft from another ligament in your own body. Arthroscopic surgery leaves few external scars, but the muscles, ligaments, and other tissues in the knee joint need time to recover fully from both the injury and the surgery.

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Post Knee Surgery Dos and Don'ts You Need to Know

By Kelly Hansen | Jun 12, 2014

Whether you have injured your ACL, MCL, or meniscus, knee surgery is sometimes the best solution for getting you back in the game. If your doctor does recommend surgery, it's important to be prepared for the post-operative recovery process as much as possible. The more you are committed to healing quickly, the faster you will be back on your feet.

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