Recovering from an Injury? Five Ways Compression Therapy Can Help!

By Kelly Hansen | Jun 06, 2013
Most people know that RICE is a common prescription to treat injuries. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are proven to facilitate the healing process after a musculoskeletal injury. All of these components are essential for tissue repair and injury recovery, and some of them can be enhanced to make the recovery process even faster.

Rest and elevation are two factors that cannot be improved, but with advanced technology, cold and compression can be. Cold therapy can be improved with technology that enables constant, consistent cooling to the injured site. Compression therapy can be enhanced with active, pneumatic pressure that creates a pumping effect at the injury site to provide several health benefits.

Five Ways Compression Therapy Accelerates Injury Recovery

The pumping effect that mimics the body's natural muscular movements provides the following injury recovery benefits:
  1. Less swelling - Inflammation and swelling are not only uncomfortable, they can also inhibit the healing process. Compression therapy is proven to help reduce swelling, especially in combination with cold therapy.
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