Dislocated Shoulder? 3 Things You Can Do at Home to Accelerate Recovery

By Game Ready | Sep 21, 2016

Dislocated shoulder recovery can take from 12 to 16 weeks, and the vast majority of this time is spent doing self-treatment with guidance from a physician and/or physical therapist. Because you are largely on your own, it’s important to have all the resources you need for home treatment, especially if you want to get back to your regular lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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4 Common Signs of a Torn Rotator Cuff

By Kelly Hansen | Feb 27, 2014

A torn rotator cuff is a common shoulder injury that can be caused from repeated movements while playing sports or performing a job function. With repeated motion, the muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder socket can become torn. Other common causes of a torn rotator cuff include falling, lifting or pulling a heavy object, or bone spurs in the shoulder.

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Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery 101: What to Expect During the Healing Process

By Kelly Hansen | Jan 31, 2013

People who are physically active -professional and amateur athletes,  sports fans, or those who have a job  requiring overhead activities like lifting, pulling, or pushing - may find themselves with a painful shoulder that doesn't get better with time. This could be a rotator cuff injury. People with rotator cuff tears have symptoms that include pain when you try to move your arm away from your body, when you  lift it or lower it from a fully raised position. Muscle atrophy around the shoulder is another symptom. If this describes you, visit a doctor for tests which can diagnose a rotator cuff tear.

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