Quick Fixes to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

By Game Ready | May 15, 2018

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, the majority (about two-thirds) of Americans suffer from lower back pain. However, only 37 percent of people seek medical attention for treatment. Instead, to relieve lower back pain, many people use home remedies, with 72 percent using pain medication and 55 percent turning to heat and cold packs. If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from lower back pain and want the convenience of treatment at home, consider these options:

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Effective Treatments for These 4 Common Baseball Injuries

By Game Ready | Apr 05, 2017

The start of spring training is an exciting time for both baseball players and baseball fans. The weather is becoming warmer, the rivalries start heating up, and everybody is ready for another season of the American pastime.

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What is a Typical Wrist Surgery Recovery Timeline

By Kelly Hansen | Jun 19, 2014

Wrist fractures and other types of injuries sometimes result in surgery. Because upper extremities are such a crucial part of many daily activities, a speedy recovery process is important for getting back to normal life. Knowing what to expect during the recovery process can help you plan for the weeks and months to come.

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4 Common Signs of a Torn Rotator Cuff

By Kelly Hansen | Feb 27, 2014

A torn rotator cuff is a common shoulder injury that can be caused from repeated movements while playing sports or performing a job function. With repeated motion, the muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder socket can become torn. Other common causes of a torn rotator cuff include falling, lifting or pulling a heavy object, or bone spurs in the shoulder.

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