How to Alleviate Pain During Rotator Cuff Injury Recovery

By Game Ready | Dec 09, 2014

The rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles and associated tendons that work together to keep the shoulder joint in the socket and enable movement in multiple directions. When one or more of these tissues is stretched, torn, or otherwise damaged, the result is a rotator cuff injury. The severity of these types of injuries range from minor strains that require rest and physical therapy, to severe tears that need surgical repair.

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Things to Avoid When Treating a Sprained Wrist

By Kelly Hansen | Feb 06, 2014

Wrist sprains are common injuries among both athletes and the average citizen. Impacts from sports equipment, other athletes, and the ground can lead to wrist sprains in athletes. Because many people use their arms and hands to break a fall, a sprained wrist is also a common side effect of a typical falling accident.

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