6 Wrist Surgery Tips You Didn’t Know Can Help Speed Up Recovery

By Game Ready | Mar 07, 2018


Slip-and-fall accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sports injuries are some of the most common reasons for wrist surgery. Regardless of why you have to undergo a procedure, in the end you want to recover from surgery as quickly as possible. Being unable to use your hand and wrist presents several challenges. In addition to being unable to do certain types of work, it is also difficult to do normal everyday activities. The faster you can recover from wrist surgery, the faster you can return to your normal life.

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4 Common Wrist Surgery Recovery Questions Answered

By Game Ready | Jan 25, 2017

Whether you have had wrist surgery for an acute injury like a fracture or for a chronic condition like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, the wrist surgery recovery process is similar

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5 Things to Avoid After Surgery from a Broken Wrist

By Game Ready | Oct 05, 2016

If you have had surgery for a broken wrist  after a fall or sports injury, you will want to get back to your lifestyle as quickly as possible. However, the recovery process takes time and there are some things you should avoid while your broken bones are healing. Your doctor will give you specific instructions, but these are some general tips about what to steer clear of following wrist surgery.

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How Long Will Wrist Surgery Recovery Take?

By Game Ready | Aug 03, 2016

Like any type of wrist injury, wrist surgery recovery time will vary depending on the type of injury, the type of surgery, and the general health of the individual before the operation. Some people will recover after only a few days, while others might require a few months. Consult with your doctor to get  a more specific recovery timetable for yourself. As a guide, here are some general wrist surgery recovery times:

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4 Ways to Prepare for Wrist Surgery Recovery

By Game Ready | Jul 30, 2015

Whether you have a planned surgery for a recurring wrist condition or an unexpected fracture that requires an operation, there are a few actions you can take to prepare for your recovery. Knowing what to expect is the first step.

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4 Helpful Tips for Post-Operative Wrist Surgery Recovery

By Game Ready | Apr 10, 2015

Whether it is because of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, a sports injury, or a fracture caused when you were catching a fall, if you must have wrist surgery, you want to recover as quickly as possible. Think about all the ways you use your hands and wrists in daily life: typing, writing, cooking, putting on clothing, brushing your teeth, etc.

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What is a Typical Wrist Surgery Recovery Timeline

By Kelly Hansen | Jun 19, 2014

Wrist fractures and other types of injuries sometimes result in surgery. Because upper extremities are such a crucial part of many daily activities, a speedy recovery process is important for getting back to normal life. Knowing what to expect during the recovery process can help you plan for the weeks and months to come.

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Experiencing Tennis Elbow Symptoms? 5 Ways to Recover Quickly

By Kelly Hansen | Apr 28, 2014

Tennis elbow results from overuse of muscles in the forearm and hand. Although the injury is common in tennis players, it is not exclusive to them. Anybody can get tennis elbow when the muscles and tendons surrounding the joint become torn or ruptured.

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The 4 Most Common Upper Extremity Injuries and Symptoms

By Kelly Hansen | Mar 31, 2014

Upper extremity injuries can happen to anybody, but they are most commonly related to falling onto an outstretched hand. Athletes and professionals who do repetitive motions with their hands and wrists are also at higher risk of these types of injuries. 

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