5_Tips_for_Recovering_from_a_Minor_Head_Injury-min.jpgWhen you bump your head and incur a minor head injury, you are likely to experience some pain and swelling in the area. In some cases, you might develop a “goose egg” that is sensitive to the touch. Relieving this pain and reducing swelling should be a priority so that you can be more comfortable and recover from the injury more quickly.

Some of the other symptoms you might experience include mild:

  • Bruising
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Blurry vision

If any of these symptoms become severe, consider seeking the advice of a medical professional as it could be an indicator of a more serious injury.  

If you have a minor contusion, follow these tips for recovering from a head injury:

1. Avoid Re-injury

If the injury was sustained during athletic activity, stop immediately and abstain from sports until you have recovered. In addition to adding to the pain and discomfort, sustaining an additional head injury could lead to a more serious problem. If you must participate in athletics, consider wearing head protection until you have fully recovered.

2. Get Enough Rest

Just like any other type of injury, your body needs energy to heal itself when recovering from a head injury. In addition to limiting athletic activity, make sure you get enough rest so that you can recover more quickly.

3. Take Pain Medication for Headaches

If a mild headache is one of the symptoms you are experiencing, you can take an over-the-counter pain medication to help alleviate the pain. If you are concerned about interactions with other drugs you are taking, speak to your doctor about which options are suitable for you.

4. Ice the Injury

One of the best ways to reduce pain is to apply cold therapy, traditionally in the form of an ice pack. Immediately applying an ice pack after the injury occurs is always a good idea as this can help control the body’s natural inflammatory reaction. However, as you continue to treat the injury, consider using a cold therapy machine for better results. Because the system can deliver a consistent therapeutic temperature, you get better results than an ice pack, which will get warmer the longer it absorbs heat from your body. Cold therapy machines also have the benefit of being a hands-free treatment option when recovering from a head injury.

5. Use Compression

A static compression bandage will help control swelling after a minor head injury, but active compression can do even more. The  compression that is delivered with a cold therapy machine can help improve contouring for better surface contact and when combined with cold therapy, active compression also enhances the benefits of therapeutic cold.

If you are recovering from a minor head injury, ask your doctor about getting a Game Ready cold therapy machine with the new Cryo-Cap. The hands-free treatment system is easy to apply and provides better results than an ice pack alone. Just put the cap on your head, adjust the forehead closure and chin strap, and allow the machine to do all the work. Find a provider near you to get started today.  

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