cold compression wraps aid healingWhy are you sitting on the couch? Maybe you sprained your ankle when you took a tumble down the ski slope. Maybe you overstretched your knee ligament during a rowdy basketball game with buddies. Or, possibly you’re recovering from surgery to repair a torn shoulder rotator cuff caused by your physically-demanding job. Whatever the cause of your injury, it’s important to use all the tools available today to help with the healing process.

Many physicians and physical therapists now recommend a patented cold compression therapy system for their patients who have suffered a musculoskeletal injury. This innovative rehabilitation aid includes cold compression wraps designed to simultaneously circulate ice water and air for cooling and active compression at the specific injury site. These wraps were custom-designed to fit areas of the body most affected by a musculoskeletal injury. When you use cold compression wraps, you gain five key benefits that aid in healing.

1. Minimized pain

Post-injury pain can put you on the sidelines, and that’s not an option for many people who need to get back to work as fast as they can. Cold compression wraps that employ a patented ATX (Active Temperature Exchange) design deliver effective, large-surface area cold and compression relief directly to the injury site. Studies show that cold compression therapy is an effective pain reliever.

2. Reduced swelling

Less swelling leads to faster recovery of damaged tissues.  Cryo (cold) therapy is a common way to treat the swelling that comes with these injuries. It has a strong local vasoconstriction effect and it lessens what’s known as secondary hypoxic injury to reduce tissue debris and swelling. Active compression helps the body pump away swelling as well and speeds tissue repair by promoting lymphatic flow recovery. When you use cold compression wraps, the bottom line is you speed normal tissue function recovery.

3. Decreased pain medication use

Many physically active people are reluctant to take pain meds, even those prescribed by their doctor, because pain pills often cause drowsiness, mental fog and an inability to focus on the physical therapy needed to recover faster. Fortunately, doctors have found that an aggressive regimen of cold compression therapy enables many people to reduce or even eliminate the use of pain meds, so they stay focused on recovery and return to work more quickly.

4. Enhanced tissue healing

Cold compression wraps help stimulate the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your injury, which numerous studies link to faster tissue healing. Active compression seems to provide a therapeutic effect that enhances connective tissue healing; it causes increased arterial blood flow, decreased venous pressure and has been shown to increase the ingrowth of neurovascular tissue.

5. Better lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is an important function of our lymphatic system, central to a strong immune system and key to reducing fluid in our tissues caused by musculoskeletal injuries. Cold compression therapy can enhance lymphatic drainage, and therefore speed healing of your injured tissues.

Help yourself heal with a system featuring cold compression wraps that provide better coverage, better fit and better results. Which wrap did you use for your injury? 

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