croytherapy systemsCryotherapy – also called cold therapy – has been used for many years to treat the aftereffects of a soft tissue musculoskeletal injury. If you’ve ever twisted your ankle or had to do post-op rehabilitation for a knee ligament repair, you may have been advised to follow the RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) regimen. Traditional ice application methods typically include use of an ice bucket (doesn’t work on many joint injuries, such as the back or hip), wrapping the injury with a plastic bag filled with crushed ice, or using an ace wrap over the ice-filled bag to try and provide some compression along with the cryotherapy. These methods are inconvenient, messy, irritating and hard to stick with over time. And when you don’t stay with a regimen of cryotherapy and compression, you recover more slowly from your sports injury.

Fortunately for active sports lovers, technology advances have greatly improved cryotherapy systems to deliver more therapeutic benefits and therefore speed your healing and return to an active life. The ACCEL™ system combines active cold therapy and active compression therapy (as compared to a static ace bandage wrapped around your injury), delivering a wide range of clinical benefits to you:

  • Decreased pain
  • Reduced swelling
  • Decreased muscle spasms
  • Reduced edema formation
  • Reduced metabolic activity and oxygen demand, improving tissue healing response
  • More efficient and rapid removal of heat from the injury site, therefore more effective temperature reduction
  • Reduced or eliminated need for pain medication post-injury, allowing improved focus on rehab needed to return to work and play
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage, key to better healing
  • Increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to injury site, speeding recovery of damaged tissue
  • Improved surface contact of cold therapy to injury site, providing deeper and longer-lasting cooling effects
  • Quicker recovery from intense workouts or physical activity, eliminating downtime while sore tissues rebound

Surveys say…

Surveys of patients who have used  ACCEL™ cryotherapy systems report excellent results:

  • Over 90 percent say it helped them return to work or daily activities sooner
  • Over 94 percent say it reduced the amount of pain medication they took or allowed them to stop the meds sooner
  • Over 94 percent say it provided a superior post-op recovery than previous surgery using a different cold therapy system

Specialized wraps for many applications

You might worry whether your particular injury is one that can be helped with this system. The good news here is that there are wraps suitable for just about any joint and any musculoskeletal injury situation. Using a patented dual-action ATX™ (Active Temperature Exchange) design, the wraps provide circulation of both ice water and air for a combined simultaneous delivery of cold and compression therapy.

Wraps are available for your shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, back, hip/groin, knee, leg, and ankle areas. Professional athletes and regular active people trying to recover from a sports injury use these wraps for applications such as shoulder replacement, SLAP tear, bursitis, synovectomy, carpal tunnel syndrome, spine fusion, hip resurfacing, ACL injury or surgery, meniscal knee tear or repair, Achilles tendon rupture or tear, and sprains, strains, or fractures of any joint area.

As the Head Athletic Trainer for the San Francisco Giants baseball team noted about these cryotherapy systems, “I’ve seen a two-fold increase in recovery rates. Guys are back in half the time.” Shouldn’t you use a system that gets you back faster, too?


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