mcl injuryAfter a major knee injury, it's common to ask how to recover from MCL surgery. Any surgery that requires you to be off your feet for awhile can be challenging, especially for athletes. Although the recovery time varies depending on the severity of the injury, when surgery is required it can take months to fully heal.

Taking steps to accelerate recovery, while being cautious not to overdo it, is the best way to return to normal function as quickly as possible.

How to Recover from MCL Surgery

Recovering from MCL surgery is much like recovering from any other type of surgery. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions and give your body what it needs to heal. Following these steps can help ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible:
  • Inflammation control - Using anti-inflammatory medication will help reduce the swelling and tenderness that come after surgery. You can also use cryotherapy to reduce the body's natural inflammatory response and help control pain. Compression wraps can also help reduce the swelling and edema associated with inflammation after an injury.

  • Rest - After surgery, the body needs time to properly heal. Even if you are not putting weight on your injured leg, too much activity will slow down the healing process because damaged tissue needs a lot of energy to repair itself. While you rest, elevate the injured leg and use cold compression therapy to reduce pain, control swelling, and help speed up the healing process.

  • Joint support - After surgery, your knee should be immobilized for a period of time while the ligament repair takes effect. Your doctor will likely suggest a brace that provides support around the entire joint. Over time and as you start to re-introduce motion to the joint, a hinged brace can provide support while still allowing you to bend your knee.

  • Patience - When you are able to bend our knee and put weight on the injured leg, it is important not to push yourself too quickly. Your physical therapist will likely have you do exercises on an elliptical machine or bicycle to strengthen the joint without straining it too much.

For more tips on how to recover from MCL surgery, get in touch with Game Ready. Our patented cold compression therapy system contributes to shorter surgery recovery times and helps reduce the amount of pain medication required after surgery. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about using Game Ready during your MCL surgery recovery or contact us to learn more.

Have you ever injured your MCL? How was it treated?

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