wrist surgery injury recovery resized 600If you are planning an upper extremity surgery to the hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder, a speedy recovery is probably one of your top priorities. Not being able to use an upper extremity can be very inconvenient, especially if you live alone or if your work requires the use of your injured arm.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to recover from upper extremity surgery more quickly.

How to Speed Up Surgery Recovery

Always follow your physician's instructions during recovery. Some of the steps they might recommend to speed up the healing process include:

  • Rest - Although it may be tempting to be up and about on your feet, taking the time to rest is important for a quick recovery. As your body heals itself, it needs more energy than usual to make repairs to damaged tissue. Getting ample rest will allow your body to dedicate even more valuable energy to your surgery recovery.
  • Cold compression therapy - Your body's natural inflammatory response results in pain and swelling after surgery. This is a natural part of the process, but too much of it can actually slow down healing. Help control pain and swelling with a cold and compression therapy system that wraps the entire area in deep-penetrating, therapeutic cold.
  • Elevation - Elevating your injured arm can also help reduce swelling and edema, which contributes to less pain and discomfort. Keep your arm raised above the level of your heart for regular intervals to reduce the flow of excess fluids to the area.
  • Joint immobilization - If you suffered a bone break or another type of injury that requires temporary immobilization, it's important to do this as long as your doctor recommends to help ensure that the healing process is able to happen fully.
  • Physical therapy - When you are able to introduce motion to the affected joints, work closely with a physical therapist to make sure you do the right level of activity at the right time. Doing too much too soon can be damaging, while not doing enough can hinder the recovery process.

If you are interested in adding cold and compression therapy to your upper extremity surgery recovery, contact Game Ready today to find a local provider. Therapeutic cold combined with active compression is proven to help accelerate healing, reduce swelling, and lessen pain. Game Ready's new upper extremity wraps are designed to provide full coverage in a comfortable position so you can get all the benefits of active cold compression during your surgery recovery.

What does your upper extremity surgery recovery plan include?

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