carli-lloyd-ankle-recovery-with-game-readyAbout Carli Lloyd:

Carli Lloyd is an American soccer player and two-time Olympic gold medalist. She was named FIFA’s Player of the Year in 2015 and 2016, and is also a FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion. She currently plays for the U.S. Women's National team and Houston Dash.

Carli Lloyd's Recovery Experience with Game Ready 

In August of 2017, while playing with the Houston Dash, I suffered a bad ankle sprain which included syndesmotic injuries, a complete tear of the anterior talofibular ligament, and a grade 2 sprain of the deep fibers of the deltoid ligament with bone bruising. Immediately after the injury my ankle was swollen, so the first thing I did was ice it.

After a visit to the Emergency Room, an x-ray confirmed there was no fracture. The most important thing for the next 24-48 hours was getting the swelling down and icing it around the clock. I strongly believe in the effectiveness of ice, which I do after training and games, but icing was not always the most convenient routine.

The Game Ready cold and compression system was recommended and I took it home with me the next morning. Once I set it to the recommended program, it was running nearly all day, every day- and I would switch between the Half Leg Boot and the Ankle Wrap to aid in my recovery.  At this point, my foot and ankle were severely swollen and black and blue. The continuous cold and compression of the Game Ready System helped speed up my recovery process and was more efficient and effective than just using bags of ice. I had a hard time standing, so stayed at home with my leg elevated and the Game Ready on, just relaxing. 

I was just as diligent with my ankle recovery as I am with my everyday training.  I know that had I not done everything I did with my recovery, in addition to having my own Game Ready throughout the process, I wouldn't have recovered as fast as I did. After 2 weeks, the bruising was all gone. At 4 weeks, nearly all the swelling had subsided.

I love how easy the Game Ready is to use; just put ice and water in it, set the compression level and temperature (which for me was high compression and full cold), and push play. 

Every night I take my Game Ready with me to bed and get in a few more cycles. It is my favorite travel companion. I am still using the Game Ready system on a daily basis, multiple times a day, and will continue to use it until I feel 100%.

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