crossfit injuries.jpgCrossFit is an intense, high-impact workout regimen that, like any other athletic activity, can sometimes lead to injuries. In addition to the intensity level, CrossFit injury can be caused by factors such as:

  • Doing too much before your body is ready
  • Not warming up properly
  • Overusing certain muscle groups or joints
  • Using improper form
  • Overtraining

When a CrossFit injury does occur, rest is always a good idea. Taking a timeout from workouts until your body fully recovers will allow damaged tissues to heal and reduce the risk of reinjury when you do return to the gym. However, rest is not always enough. What do you do when a CrossFit injury just won’t go away?

How to Handle a CrossFit Injury

Every injury is different, and it is difficult to predict how the recovery process will go, but if persistent pain doesn’t subside after a week or if you feel that the injury is not healing quickly enough, there are some additional steps you can take.

Consult a Physician

Although many injuries can be addressed with rest and home treatment, if the problem doesn’t go away or start to get better after several days, it might be worth a trip to the doctor to make sure the injury isn’t worse than you initially thought. If left untreated, some injuries can develop into lifelong problems, so if you have any doubts, schedule an appointment.

Really, Really Rest

Ask yourself: Are you really giving your body every opportunity to heal? CrossFit enthusiasts sometimes have a hard time slowing down, especially when competition is a motivator. Yes, you might not reach your fitness goals as quickly as you were hoping, but taking a few days or weeks off to properly heal will serve you better in the long run.

Use Cold Compression Therapy

Most injuries include some amount of inflammation, which causes pain and swelling. If you have an acute injury and stopped icing after the initial swelling went down, consider using cold compression therapy throughout your entire recovery. Although you might not see as much swelling after icing, the deeper tissues are still inflamed, and applying therapeutic cold in combination with active compression will help accelerate the healing process.

Go to a Physical Therapist

CrossFit injury recovery can often benefit from physical therapy to help regain range of motion and increase strength and flexibility. A physical therapist can also help you determine what led to the injury and how you can prevent it from happening again with supplementary exercises and form corrections.  

If you’re ready to try cold and compression therapy, ask your doctor or physical therapist about renting a Game Ready system for home use. This patented device can also be used for workout recovery, so when you get back to your regular CrossFit routine, you can reduce post-exercise pain and swelling by using Game Ready after every session just like the pros. Contact us today to learn more about how Game Ready can help you recover more quickly from a CrossFit injury.

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