How_a_Cold_Therapy_Unit_Makes_Your_Shoulder_Recovery_More_Bearable.jpgAccording to data collected in the National Ambulatory Care Medical Survey, shoulder symptoms are one of the top four reasons for visiting a physician who specializes in orthopedic surgery. Millions of people every year suffer from a shoulder injury, both from athletics and everyday activities. If you are one of them, you probably want to learn more about how you can make your recovery more bearable. Professionals like doctors and athletic trainers know that using a cold therapy unit is one of the best ways to enhance recovery from any injury, including shoulder surgery, a rotator cuff tear, or any other type of shoulder injury.

Improving Shoulder Recovery with a Cold Therapy Unit

A cold therapy unit harnesses the power of cryotherapy and active compression. Cryotherapy is simply the application of cold, traditionally with an ice pack. A cold therapy unit improves on this concept by using technology to make the cold penetrate deeper and last longer. It does this in two ways: making the temperature consistent, and using active compression.

Constantly circulating cold water doesn’t have a chance to warm up, unlike an ice pack that will get less effective the longer you hold it on your skin. Active compression makes your tissue get colder faster and also pumps away excess fluid. How does this make your shoulder recovery more bearable?

Less Pain

Therapeutic cold that penetrates deep into the damaged tissue will slow down nerve impulses, which means you feel less pain without having to take medication. This is great for people who experience side effects from pain medication, or those who simply don’t want to take any if they don’t have to.

Less Swelling

By actively pumping away excess fluid, a cold therapy unit reduces swelling in the shoulder joint. This helps improve range of motion and also makes your recovery more comfortable. Although some swelling is normal, too much of it can actually slow down the healing process, so by controlling swelling you are also taking control of your recovery.

Comfortable Treatment

Holding an ice pack on an injury is inconvenient. You can’t use both your hands and you have to stay in the same position throughout the entire treatment. This inconvenience can be so disruptive that many people don’t sit through cold therapy treatment as long as they should, or don’t do as many sessions as their doctor recommended. A cold therapy unit eliminates this problem by allowing hands-free treatment that covers the entire shoulder joint. Rather than holding an ice pack on a single area, the cold compression wrap that comes with a cold therapy unit enables cold to penetrate from every angle.

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Faster Recovery

All of these factors contribute to a faster and more bearable shoulder recovery when you use a cold therapy unit. The easier it is to receive cold therapy treatment, the more likely you are to do it. By following your doctor’s recommendations for frequent treatments that naturally reduce pain and swelling, you will speed up the healing process and be more comfortable while you recover.

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