How_to_Conveniently_Treat_a_Pulled_Groin.jpgUnfortunately for athletes, it’s not difficult to pull a groin muscle during sports activity. Overstretching or tearing the muscle can happen when you are not properly warmed up, from overuse, from moving the leg beyond its normal range of motion, or by quickly contracting the muscle while sprinting or jumping. Although it’s possible to reduce your risk of a pulled groin by warming up and stretching before and after athletic activity, almost every athlete must treat a pulled groin at some point.

Because of the location of the injury, a pulled groin can be inconvenient to treat. Unlike an ankle or wrist that you can easily wrap with a compression bandage, a groin pull is more challenging. This is one reason so many athletes do not get as much out of treatment as they could, and why the groin injury recovery process can take even longer.

How to Treat a Pulled Groin Conveniently

Thankfully, there is a more convenient way to treat a pulled groin. In addition to getting ample rest, which is critical for the healing process, a groin pull can be treated with cryotherapy and compression. As with most other types of soft tissue injury, cold and compression are proven to reduce pain, control swelling, and speed up the recovery process. The question is, how can you apply this type of treatment more conveniently?

Cold and Compression Made Easy

Using a cold therapy machine with an integrated wrap that surrounds the entire groin area is the most convenient (and most effective) way to apply simultaneous cold and compression. The muscles in the groin area are long; they extend from the inside of the pubic bone to the inner thigh. Holding an ice pack on the inside of your thigh is not only inconvenient, but it will also not apply cold to the entire muscle. Additionally, many of the groin muscles are deep in the leg and adding active compression will enable the therapeutic cold to penetrate through the outer layers of tissue and into the injured muscles.

One of the many benefits of using a cold therapy machine is that you can treat a pulled groin hands-free. After the machine is set up and the wrap has been adjusted to fit your body, all you have to do is sit back and let the machine pump cold water and pressurized air through the system. Because it’s easier than holding an ice pack, and much more comfortable than sitting in an ice bath, most athletes sit through the treatment for longer, which means better results and a faster recovery.

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Remember that elevation is also an important component of treating a pulled groin. Again, because of the location, this can be difficult or awkward. You can elevate the groin area by putting pillows or rolled towels under the upper leg and hips while you are reclining to prevent excess swelling. It’s also a good idea to elevate the leg during cold and compression treatment. The goal is to raise the leg above the level of the hip so that fluids flow away from (and not toward) the injury.

Next time you need to treat a pulled groin, talk to your doctor or trainer about using a Game Ready cold therapy machine so you can do it more conveniently and more effectively. If you currently have a groin injury, locate a provider near you to start getting treatment today.New Call-to-action