How_to_Ensure_Successful_Groin_Strain_Recovery_for_Your_PatientsGroin strain recovery can be challenging for both patients and healthcare providers. Most patients, particularly athletes, are anxious to return to activity as quickly as possible, so they don’t allow enough time for rest and healing. Groin strain is so common among athletes and active individuals because the muscle group is particularly difficult to stretch.

The location of the injury also presents challenges because, unlike an ankle or wrist, it does not feel natural to elevate the area to help reduce swelling. Additionally, applying ice packs is inconvenient and uncomfortable, which means patients are less likely to comply with recommendations for cold therapy.

With these challenges in mind,  patients can heal more quickly with a few key recovery strategies.

Use these tips to help ensure a successful groin strain recovery:

Ditch the ice packs

Even athletes who know that applying an ice pack for 20-30 minutes several times a day will help reduce pain and swelling are not always compliant. They might do it once a day, but convincing them to do it multiple times a day for more than a week is not likely. Ice packs are inconvenient, especially when they must be held in place over the groin area. However, there is a better way to apply cryotherapy that will both increase patient compliance and provide better results. Using a cold therapy machine allows patients to apply an adjustable wrap and let the equipment do all the work.

Add compression

Look for a cryotherapy machine that provides simultaneous active compression to further increase the chances of a successful groin strain recovery. By actively pumping away edema and bringing freshly oxygenated blood to the damaged tissues, the healing process is accelerated. This is also an excellent alternative to compression bandages that are difficult to apply and do not allow you to control the pressure.

Encourage physical therapy

Stress the importance of physical therapy during the recovery process. Explain to patients that they will learn new ways to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the groin area to help them recover from their current injury and help prevent future muscle strains.

Ensuring Successful Groin Strain Recovery

Giving your patients the tools they need to succeed will help ensure a quick and thorough groin strain recovery. A cryotherapy machine like Game Ready comfortably delivers consistent cold while providing pneumatic compression at the same time. Patients like it because it’s easy enough to do in their own homes, and healthcare professionals support it because it works.

If you don’t already, consider recommending Game Ready for all types of muscle sprains and strains. In addition to a hip/groin wrap, there are cold and compression wraps for virtually every part of the body including the spine, hand and wrist, ankle, knee, elbow, and shoulder. Contact us today to learn more.New Call-to-action