How to Obtain a Cryotherapy Machine for Injury Recovery

Injuries happen all the time, and they don’t have to be major to have a significant impact on your life. You might twist your ankle while walking the dog, strain your back while lifting an object, or sprain your wrist catching yourself after slipping on ice. Of course, more serious injuries like broken bones and ACL tears that require surgery can happen as well.

While all of these injuries will eventually heal, you want the recovery period to go as quickly as possible so you can return to normal activity. A sprained wrist might be a relatively minor injury, but if it has happened to you, you know that the accompanying pain and swelling can prevent you from doing basic everyday tasks like cooking, typing, and opening containers. No matter what type of injury you have, your number one goal is to accelerate the healing process while reducing pain and discomfort at the same time.

One proven way to do this is with cryotherapy and active compression. Cryotherapy quickly reduces pain by temporarily deadening nerve endings and slowing nerve impulses. In fact, you have probably used cryotherapy before in the form of an ice pack. The addition of active compression mimics the body’s natural pumping action to remove excess fluids and reduce swelling. It also helps the therapeutic cold penetrate deeper and last longer, so you get even more benefits from cryotherapy.

Fortunately, you can get the combined benefits of cold therapy and active compression in a portable cryotherapy machine.

Obtaining a Cryotherapy Machine for Injury Recovery

If you are recuperating from an injury and want to incorporate a cryotherapy machine into your recovery strategy, you have a few options:

  • Outpatient treatment - Many physical therapists use cryotherapy machines in their practices (click here to find a provider near you) to help patients recover from a broad range of injuries. While outpatient treatment is certainly effective, you get the most benefit from cold and compression therapy if you do it multiple times a day. This is simply not practical for most people if the only access they have to a cryotherapy machine is at a physical therapy clinic.   
  • Purchasing a machine - You can purchase a cryotherapy machine for home use. However, most people only need to recover from a single acute injury and the cost of purchasing unit is not practical for just a few weeks of use.
  • Renting a machine - The best solution for most people who want to obtain a cryotherapy machine for home use is to rent the equipment. Because it is a medical device, a doctor’s prescription is required. Once you have that, your local provider will have you complete the necessary paperwork and show you how to operate the machine. You get to keep the cryotherapy machine as long as your prescription allows and  in most cases, you can extend the time of use as needed, as long as your doctor provides a new prescription.

Recovering from an injury is certainly not pleasant, but you can make the process more comfortable and much faster by using a cryotherapy machine. Renting a unit to use at home as many times as your doctor recommends will help accelerate the healing process and allow you to return to activity more quickly. Many patients also find that they don’t need as much, if any, pain medication because the cryotherapy machine effectively reduces pain and swelling.

If you are recovering from an injury, ask your doctor or physical therapist about renting a Game Ready cryotherapy machine for home use.

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