Treat_Muscle_Injuries_in_Your_Sleep-_How_a_Cold_Therapy_System_Does_This_.jpgMost people know that muscle injuries like strains or pulls can be treated at home with the application of RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). However, as simple is this formula might be, it’s not always easy to do it multiple times a day. Holding an ice pack on the injured area for 20-30 minutes at a time is inconvenient, and getting the right pressure with compression bandages can be challenging.

What if you could get all of the benefits of RICE and more while you sleep? With a cold therapy system, you can. Here’s how it works:

Maximize Your Rest Time

In addition to getting ample rest throughout the day, it’s important to get a lot of good quality sleep when recovering from an injury. When you sleep, your body has a better opportunity to heal damaged tissues and direct more energy to cell repair. Using a cold therapy system while you sleep will also help naturally reduce pain, so you can get more restful sleep and minimize the need  to take medication.

Make Icing Easier

If you have ever tried to apply an ice pack while you sleep you know how messy and uncomfortable it can be. A cold therapy system solves this problem by using body-conforming wraps that fit comfortably around your injury and circulate cold water that stimulates healing. You simply put ice and water in a reservoir and the system continuously pumps cold water through the wrap and back through the reservoir. The result is a consistent therapeutic cold temperature that will never feel wet on your skin or in your bed.

Control the Compression

Elastic bandages are good for applying static compression, if you can get the pressure right. How many times have you woken up during the night because your wrap was too tight? A cold therapy system provides active compression by pneumatically pumping air through the wrap. Active compression is more effective than static compression because it pumps away excess fluid from around your injury and helps promote better blood flow. You can adjust both the wrap and the amount of compression that is delivered, so no matter how swollen your injury is, the compression will be just right.

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Elevate in Comfort

The wraps that come with an cold therapy machine provide uniform coverage with a soft lining so you can comfortably elevate your injury. Lower limb and arm injuries can be propped up on soft pillows to bring them above the level of your heart. Because you don’t have to worry about lumpy ice packs, you can sleep in your most restful position throughout the night.

The Game Ready cold and compression therapy system is fully programmable with available preset programs that alternate between on-off therapy cycles, so you can enter the instructed cold and compression settings, fill the ice reservoir, and apply the wrap before going to bed. You can get wraps for any body part, so no matter where your injury is, you can treat it with a cold therapy system. If you are recovering from a muscle injury, talk to your doctor or physical therapist about getting a Game Ready cold therapy system, or contact us today to rent one.    Download the Comparison Guide of Rehab Cold and Compression Systems