Whats_the_Timeline_for_Groin_Injury_Recovery-min.jpgGroin strain can occur as a result of overuse or by suddenly overstretching one or more of the adductor muscles in the inner thigh. The symptoms, which might be noticed immediately after the injury or later after activity has stopped, include:

  • Cramping
  • Tightness
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Limited range of motion

Regardless of the cause, groin injury recovery can be painful and inconvenient. If you’re an athlete, it can affect your ability to practice or perform in games. A groin injury can also make it difficult to walk or climb stairs, so the faster you can recover, the more quickly you can get back to a normal lifestyle.

The groin injury recovery timeline can vary depending on whether you have damaged just a few fibers, torn multiple muscle fibers, or completely ruptured the muscle cell. Of course, every individual heals differently as well, but there are some common recovery times you can expect to experience during groin injury recovery.

Groin Injury Recovery Timeline

A relatively minor groin injury might require just three weeks of rest, while a more severe injury could require four to six weeks. A complete rupture of a groin muscle could require surgery, which comes with a recovery period of up to three months. Resting after a groin strain is critical to a successful recovery. Returning to activity too quickly could worsen the injury and will certainly extend the groin injury recovery period.

This timeline can often be accelerated by immediately treating the injury with ice and compression to control swelling. Continuing cold and compression therapy for the first several days after the injury will also contribute to faster healing. Resting the muscles, limiting activity, and applying cold and compression can potentially shave days, and possibly weeks, off your recovery timeline. They keys are to have patience and usecold and compression therapy.

Use a Cold Therapy Machine to Accelerate Healing

The best way to accelerate groin injury recovery is with a cold therapy machine that provides therapeutic cold and active compression. In contrast to an ice pack, a cold therapy machine delivers more consistent cold that is proven to penetrate deeper into damaged tissues and last longer between treatment sessions. Active compression helps speed up recovery by providing nutrients and fresh blood to the muscle tissues while they repair themselves. The combination of therapeutic cold and active compression provides superior cold therapy that cannot be achieved with ice packs and static compression bandages.

Game Ready is a cold therapy machine used by thousands of athletes and doctors for a range of conditions, including groin injury recovery. The Hip/Groin Wrap is designed to cover as much surface area as possible so that the therapeutic cold can enter muscle tissue from multiple angles. The hands-free system is convenient and allows you to perform other activities while you receive treatment. Game Ready is available in physical therapy clinics throughout the country, or you can rent a system for home use.

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