Why_Athletes_Turn_to_Pneumatic_Compression_Devices_for_Sports_Injuries.jpgA pneumatic compression device does much more than static compression alone can do. Static compression helps prevent the formation of edema and reduces swelling by exerting external pressure on the injury. The pressure inhibits the loss of fluid from vessels in the damaged tissues and makes it more difficult for them to accumulate. While this is useful, a pneumatic compression device enhances the benefits of static compression and offers even more reasons for athletes to use one to treat a sports injury.

Compression Makes Therapeutic Cold Even Colder

A pneumatic compression device that uses body-conforming cold compression wraps covers more surface area and improves skin contact. This increases the density of tissue that comes in contact with therapeutic cold and enables it to reach its coldest temperature more quickly. Infrared thermal imaging has also shown that when active compression is used, cold penetrates deeper and lasts longer than with static compression.

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Active Pumping Removes More Fluid

Excess fluid surrounding the injury contributes to swelling, which can reduce range of motion and slow down the healing process. A pneumatic compression device actively pumps away these excess fluids and reduces swelling better than static compression is able to. Active compression also optimizes lymphatic drainage, which carries cellular waste products away from the area.  

Injured Tissues Get More Oxygen

Cells need oxygen to repair themselves and multiply. The demand for oxygen is even higher in injured tissue than it is for healthy cells, so it is crucial to ensure a healthy blood supply. Active compression increases blood flow, which therefore increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the injured area. Blood also carries the necessary nutrients for cells to go through the healing process, so the better the blood flow, the faster cells get what they need to thrive.  

Healing Happens Faster

All of these benefits combine to accelerate the healing process, which means athletes can safely return to activity more quickly. A pneumatic compression device helps stimulate tissue repair to that sprains, strains, and muscle tears can heal more quickly.

No athlete wants to sit on the sidelines any longer than they have to, but a smart athlete also knows the risks of returning to activity too soon. Incorporating a pneumatic compression device that also uses cryotherapy is one of the best ways to safely accelerate injury recovery. Athletes like the convenience that comes with an easy-to-apply, anatomically designed wrap and a device that requires little setup. They are also more inclined to participate in their own recovery when they have confidence that the steps they are taking will be effective.

Pneumatic compression devices are proven to improve the delivery of cryotherapy and provide deeper, longer lasting cooling than an ice pack alone or with static compression. If you want to help athletes recover more quickly, consider using cold and pneumatic compression System  like Game Ready. Adjustable wraps for every area of the body make it easy to adapt the machine for athletes with different injuries, and you can even treat two people at the same time for maximum efficiency. Contact Game Ready today to learn more about getting a cold and compression therapy machine for your team or athletic department.  Download the Comparison Guide of Rehab Cold and Compression Systems