3 benefits of cryotherapy and compression for soccer athletes

According to data gathered by the Datalys Center, the most common types of injuries to soccer athletes are muscle strains, ligament sprains, and contusions (bruises). The vast majority of these injuries are in the lower limbs, specifically the ankle, hamstrings, and groin.

The main reason for the prevalence of these types of injuries is due to the nature of the sport. Soccer players must often pivot, quickly change direction, accelerate rapidly, and perform lateral movements. All of these motions contribute to an increased likelihood of injury to the ankles, hamstrings, and muscles surrounding the hip joint. Contusions are often caused by high-speed contact with the ball, other players, and the field.

Although it is impossible to avoid all soccer-related injuries, regularly using cryotherapy and compression can help prevent them and accelerate healing when injuries do occur.

3 Benefits of Cryotherapy and Compression for Soccer Athletes

Some of the benefits of employing cryotherapy and compression for your soccer team include:

  1. Injury prevention - After a rigorous soccer game, or even after practice, muscles and soft connective tissues can become inflamed and sore. In addition to hydration and stretching, applying therapeutic cold will help reduce any associated swelling and help damaged tissues heal more quickly. The addition of active compression helps increase the flow of blood and other fluids, including flushing cellular waste products and lactic acid, to contribute to faster recovery after exercise. 

  2. Injury recovery - When injuries do happen, athletes want to get back in the game as fast as possible. Whether you are dealing with a minor strain, an ACL tear, or recovery after surgery, cryotherapy and compression are proven to help accelerate the healing process. 

  3. More players available - When your soccer team uses cryotherapy and compression to prevent injuries and heal faster, everybody benefits. Coaches know that their entire roster is available to play, players get more time on the field, and athletic trainers can focus on keeping all players ready for action.

Whether recovering from the typical soreness that occurs after games and practices, or healing from a more serious injury, cryotherapy and compression can help decrease the time it takes to return to normal activity. Many athletic departments choose to use cryotherapy machines with specialized wraps for the ankle, lower leg, knee, and hip for both injury prevention and recovery.

Using a cryotherapy and compression system like Game Ready allows you to simply add ice to the reservoir, fit the customizable wrap to the athlete, adjust the temperature and pressure settings, and set the timer. You can even use one machine to treat two people at the same time. Unlike an ice bath, athletes stay safe and comfortable during treatment, so they are more likely to comply with more frequency.

If you are interested in learning more about how Game Ready can benefit your soccer players or other athletic team, get in touch with us today. Professional athletes and coaches have used Game Ready for years to help prevent and treat injuries. Why shouldn’t you do the same?

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