178- Cryotherapy Cost- How Much Does it Cost to do Cryotherapy (1)

For athletes who frequently sustain minor injuries, people recovering from surgery, or  someone with pain that is treated with cold therapy, it makes sense to have regular access to a cryotherapy device. However, the perceived cryotherapy cost can feel like a barrier, and many people believe that it easier and more affordable to just use ice packs.

The advantages of using a cryotherapy device includes hands-free treatment without making a mess or getting wet, and it’s more convenient and comfortable than ice baths. Delivering consistent therapeutic cold enhanced with active compression helps accelerate the healing process and enables a faster recovery. Regarding cryotherapy cost, many people are surprised to learn that it is more affordable than they thought. Consider these four options when deciding your system:

1. Purchase a Cryotherapy System

Purchasing equipment is the most (initially) expensive option, but for some people it is the most cost-effective solution. Athletes who regularly use cryotherapy for workout recovery would benefit in the long term from owning their own system. However, it’s a good idea to check with your athletic trainer before making the investment.For athletes or patients who need short-term treatment, purchasing a system is typically not the more affordable option.

2. Rent a Cryotherapy System

For short-term recovery needs, it’s possible to rent a cryotherapy system for home use. This allows you to get treatment safely at any time of day. Many people find it helpful to have easy access to cryotherapy when recovering from surgery or an injury, especially if they are trying to reduce or eliminate pain medications.

3. Use Workers’ Compensation

If you have suffered from a workplace injury, it may be possible to tap your workers’ compensation benefits to cover the cryotherapy cost, allowing you to affordably rent a system for use at home.

4. Use Health Insurance

Some health insurance providers will cover the cost of cryotherapy for recovery from surgery or an injury, although not all private insurance provides this benefit. Fortunately, the out-of-pocket costs are reasonably affordable. If you have an HSA plan and your insurance doesn’t directly cover the cost, you can still save by using pre-tax dollars for the system rental.

The best surgeons and elite athletic trainers recognize that the steps a patient takes during the healing process play a significant role in having a successful recovery with few or no setbacks. This is one reason so many people find a way to include a cryotherapy system in their recovery plan.

Having access to a cold and compression therapy system can help speed up the recovery process. Consider the value of returning to work faster and taking fewer sick days. If you’re training for an athletic event or participate in team sports, cryotherapy can help you return to your routine more quickly. Even if insurance doesn’t cover the cost of cryotherapy, it is often worth the investment to pay out of pocket. You may be able to reduce your pain medication prescription costs, and you’ll get back to your normal activities more quickly.

If you’re considering treatment beyond ice packs but are concerned about cryotherapy cost, check with your health insurance provider to determine what is covered. You may be able to affordably rent a unit for home use so you can return to your regular lifestyle more quickly. If you’re ready to get started, find a provider near you today.

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